Travel Visa


VisitorVisitor visas are ideal for a recreational visit to Australia. Travellers from some select countries don't need to make a formal visa application, and can obtain an electronic visa, however they may wish to stay for more than three months or they may have complexities in their background which preclude an electronic visa. 

Travellers from most countries, however, are not be eligible for an electronic visa. 

If either of these scenarios apply to you, you may need to make a formal visa application.  Be sure to include the purpose of your visit and your circumstances that apply to you both in Australia, and at home.  If in doubt, contact Haydn Brand Registered Migration Agent for expert advice and assistance.


Visiting Family & Loved Ones

VisitorA common purpose for visiting Australia, a visitor visa can be ideal for visiting family who are already living in Australia.  A visitor visa can offer the opportunity for some family reuinion time, and to visit and travel together in Australia.  The visa can also give loved ones, partners, and those newly in love the chance to spend time together in Australia.

The visitor visa varies in complexity, according to your country of passport, circumstances and the length of the intended visit.  For many, the visitor visa is the first Australian visa they apply for, and a critically important start to their immigration history.  Haydn Brand provides professional advise and assistance for visitors.

Applicants for a visitor visa who have family members living permanently in Australia may have review rights.  This type of visa may also be available so that you can travel to Australia, if you have already applied to migrate from overseas, and are facing a lengthy wait for your visa decision offshore.



In certain circumstances, where children have already migrated, parents may be eligible for longer visitor visas, including the current policy of offering a three year multi-entry visa! If parents are in the parent migration queue, they might be eligible for a five year multi-entry visa!

This can give parents the chance to spend time with their children in Australia, give support to a young family and so on.

It is valuable to know the interactions between the vistitor and other visas, whether applying for a visit, or to migrate.




* the above information is general only, and there may be visa options available for your specific circumstances.

* the information provided in this website is for general information purposes and correct at time of writing.  We hope this information is of assistance to you, however migration law changes often, therefore please contact Haydn Brand Registered Migration Agent for the latest.