Parent visas

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Parent visasGood news, Australia welcomes parents to join their children living here in Australia!  More good news, Haydn Brand has helped numerous parents to permanently make the move to Australia.

There are currently six different parent visa options leading to permanent residence (plus temporary options too).  They are broken down into two categories:

1. Contributory parent visas
2. "Queued" parent visas

You may have more than one available option, however there may be strategies which prove stronger or more advantageous for your specific circumstances.  The process can be somewhat lengthy, so it can really pay off to have a registered migration agent by your side throughout the process.


1. Contributory parent visa

"Contributory" means this visa type can have a higher visa application charge, in exchange for skipping the queue and getting your visa much sooner.  Parents can apply directly to migrate, or take a 'two-stage' approach, which helps to split the contribution fee down over two or more years (the two-stage process, for example, gives time for the parents to raise or arrange the second half of the contribution amount after they pass the first stage).

Strategy in the preparation of this visa can bring big advantages later down the track.  Haydn Brand can give you more advice, drop us a line.

You may be able to add other family members to your application. General eligibility criteria include: 

  • You pass the balance of family test
  • You are sponsored by your child, who will be responsible for providing support while you settle in
  • A security bond will be payable for permanent visas, and held in a bank bond to offset any benefit payments you may be eligible for in your initial years in Australia.
  • Health and character criteria apply

Parents who migrate to Australia can sponsor others to come to Australia, have access to government benefits, and apply for Australian citizenship. 


2. Non-contributory parent visa

Non-contributory parent visas (ie. queued) are again open for applications! The queue is not insignificant, but being in the queue might be beneficial for you, especially for younger parents, eg. including more generous opportunities to visit an Australian-based child whilst waiting in the parent queue.

In some circumstances, if parents don't plan to travel, in special circumstances they might even be able to apply and join the queue here in Australia. They can remain while they await the outcome on their visa.  There are considerations to note, eg. they may not be eligible for Medicare until they reach the front of the queue.

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* the above information is general only, and there may be visa options available for your specific circumstances.

* the information provided in this website is for general information purposes and correct at time of writing.  We hope this information is of assistance to you, however migration law changes often, therefore please contact Haydn Brand Registered Migration Agent for the latest.