Main Visa Types

Parent visas

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Parent visasGood news, Australia welcomes parents to join their children living here in Australia!  More good news, Haydn Brand has helped numerous parents to permanently make the move to Australia.

There are currently six different parent visa options leading to permanent residence (plus temporary options too).  They are broken down into two categories:

Partner migration

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Partner visaIf you have married, or are in a defacto relationship with, an Australian citizen or permanent resident, your partner may be eligible to sponsor you for Australian permanent residence.

Travel Visa


VisitorVisitor visas are ideal for a recreational visit to Australia. Travellers from some select countries don't need to make a formal visa application, and can obtain an electronic visa, however they may wish to stay for more than three months or they may have complexities in their background which preclude an electronic visa. 


CitizenshipHaydn Brand Registered Migration Agent assists with both straightforward and more complex citizenship applications.

In summary, if you are born in Australia with a parent who is a permanent resident or citizen, you will automatically become an Australian citizen.  There are other ways to obtain citizenship by application including these common situations:

Bridging visa

Bridging Visas are designed to keep you lawful, while you are in Australia but don't have a substantive visa. If you make a substantive visa application from within Australia, you will need a bridging visa if your current visa will expire before your new visa comes into effect. The good news is that most validon-shore visa applications will result in the granting of a bridging visa.

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

This is a permanent visa which allows Australian businesses to nominate a skilled worker to stay in Australia and work in their business.  It is comprised of two steps, the first is the nomination, and the second is the visa application.

Workers who hold a s/c 457 (or certain TSS visa holders) may be able to use this to transition from their temporary visa, into a permanent visa!

There are three streams, the main being the direct and 457/TSS holder pathways.  You only have to meet one set of criteria.


Please note that the subclass 457 visa was abolished on 18th March 2018, and replaced with the new TSS regime.  The below information relates to the abolished visa.

Business and investment

Business and Investment 


Business Talent

This visa subclass is for successful business people, who wish to be involved in the management of a business in Australia. There are two streams available, depending on either your personal and business assets (business stream), or your obtaining of venture capital in Australia (venture capital stream). Your family members can make a combined application, and the required financial thresholds may be met by combining your own and your partner's assets.

Student Visa

<center>Recent changes made to the assessment level regime now make it easier for you to meet the financial and other requirements for a student visa. Contact Haydn Brand today, to discuss how you can study in Australia. </center>



Care for someone living permanently in Australia

This visa is designed to allow the relative of an Australian resident to migrate to Australia to care for them. 

The applicant must be willing to provide the care, and: