Migration Tribunal Appeals

There are very specific provisions available for appealing a refusal or cancellation by the Department. If you are considering appealing a decision, you need to know that:


  • Only certain decisions are reviewable
  • There are very strict time-limits for applying for a review
  • In some circumstances, you may be entitled to a reduction in your appeal fees
  • If you win, you will get back half of your application fee (if the review is successful)
  • You should seek professional help with your appeal
  • A tribunal review is not 'just like a court hearing'
  • A review might give you a 'second chance', but you will need to take a detailed approach
  • The tribunal applies the same law as the original decision maker, but will make a fresh assessment
  • You might be able to remain in Australia until the entire process is completed
  • A review is an opportunity for an eligible visa applicant, cancellation, sponsor or nominator, to make a fresh representation about the merits of their case, in a fair and equitable forum

Finding Help

Contact Haydn Brand - Registered Migration Agent if you have received a decision from the Department that you disagree with. Haydn Brand will help you work out your rights and options, and can assist you to commence action. Should you end up filing for a tribunal appeal, Haydn Brand will offer professional assistance and make representation on your behalf.

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