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Visas for those with family in Australia. There might be a family visa to re-unite you with your loved ones!
If you don't have an Australian passport, you will need a visa to travel to Australia. Most travellers must organise a visa before they arrive.
Australia has a world-class and fully English-speaking education system. To study here most people must have a student visa, and a registered course.
These visas allow eligible workers to work in Australia. There are specialised visas available, and some workers have a pathway to permanent residence.
Haydn Brand Family Visas For those with business ambition, Australia hosts a modern market-economy and values the contribution made to the economy through business and investment migration.
Permanent residence (PR) gives the holder the full right to stay in Australia indefinately. The holder can raise a family, work and enjoy the benefits of living in this wonderful country.
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Australian Migration Law can be complex and changes continuously. That's why you will benefit from contacting a professional.

Haydn Brand has access to the latest up to date legislation, interprets migration law on a daily basis, and is in the business of advising you on your visa options, as well as providing thorough preparation of your application, and detailed legal submission and representation to the department on your behalf.

Haydn Brand gives advice and assistance with immigration matters, such as visa applications, appeals, and complex issues.
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