Care for someone living permanently in Australia

This visa is designed to allow the relative of an Australian resident to migrate to Australia to care for them.

The applicant must be willing to provide the care, and:

  • Provide care that is not available from another source, such as other relatives, nursing care or social services
  • Be sponsored by the person needing care, or by their spouse
  • Be a relative with a designated degree of relationship to the sponsor
  • Must have a strong knowledge about the condition, and the ability and commitment to provide the necessary support. They may need to demonstrate this at an interview with the department

The person needing care must be a PR, citizen or eligible NZ citizen and:

  • Must have a medical condition which causes impairment to their ability to take care of their daily needs
  • Needs direct assistance now and on an ongoing basis
  • Undertake a medical assessment and obtain a certificate relating to their condition
  • The medical assessment must provide an impairment rating, and the person needing care must have an impairment rating equal to or higher than the rating set by legislative instrument, which is currently 30


Carer visas are subject to capping. There is a substantial amount of evidence that will need to be demonstrated for this visa, and it is suggested you contact Haydn Brand - Registered Migration Agent if you feel you may be eligible for this visa. The above is for general information purposes only.

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* the above information is general only, and there may be visa options available for your specific circumstances.

* the information provided in this website is for general information purposes and correct at time of writing.  We hope this information is of assistance to you, however migration law changes often, therefore please contact Haydn Brand Registered Migration Agent for the latest.