Please note that the subclass 457 visa was abolished on 18th March 2018, and replaced with the new TSS regime.  The below information relates to the abolished visa.

WorkThe 457 visa subclass is a relevant and highly flexible visa solution for businesses to obtain overseas workers and expertise to work in an Australian business.  The 457 visa applicant must have a specific skilled occupation, which is identified on the 457 occupation list, which includes trades, business people, technicians, professionals, senior managers and so on.

The 457 visa offers a solution for medium term business needs, and the visa can also lead to permanent residence for the visa holder.

Haydn Brand Registered Migration Agent provides professional assistance and representation, with sponsorships, nominations and visa applications for 457 visas, ENS and for short-term specialist entry or invited stream work visas.


Visa applicant general eligibility

  • Sponsored and nominated
  • Working in a skilled occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list
  • Have Vocational English, or, if English competence is not required for your occupation's licensing, you may be exempt due to specified salary, English education, or certain special cases
  • Certain trades will be subject to a skills assessment
  • Program and Project Administrator (ANZSCO 511112) and Specialist Managers nec (ANZSCO 139999) will require a full skills assessment for migration purposes
  • Medical practitioners will need to be suitably registered in Australia

This visa is made up of three components:

  • The business must be lawfully operating
  • Established businesses must contribute to
    training of Australian workers, which is a % of annual payroll + super
  • Brand new businesses can also access the 457
  • Approved sponsors can nominate specific workers


  • The business needs to demonstrate that it is a
    genuine position.  This is the most
    critical and most complex component of the process.  You should definitely obtain professional
    assistance in preparing this.
  • The nominee needs to demonstrate they have the
    skills and background commensurate for the position
  • The position must 1) pay at least the market
    salary, 2) provide the same T&Cs of local workers, 3) the market salary
    must be above the legislated threshold
  • Some occupations will require labour market
    testing, skill level 1 and 2 occupations are normally exempt from this


  • The worker must demonstrate again that they have
    the skills for the position
  • The worker needs to meet the English
    requirement, unless exempt (for example due to meeting the wage level
  • The visa allows secondary family applicants to
    apply together, or apply later to join the worker




* the above information is general only, and there may be visa options available for your specific circumstances.

* the information provided in this website is for general information purposes and correct at time of writing.  We hope this information is of assistance to you, however migration law changes often, therefore please contact Haydn Brand Registered Migration Agent for the latest.